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About Me

I am Oya Abra creator of SubCulture Socks. Nurse by night 🌙. Black magic woman 24/7🔮📿selfcare advocate🌻 selflove enthusiast🤸🏾‍♀
I am Oya Abra
I am Oya Abra founder, owner, and creative director of SubCulture Socks. SubCulture Socks officially launched Nov 1st of this year. It is a solopreneur venture with the sole purpose of creating a brand dedicated to the culture of quirky eclectic black women. SubCulture was born of my love for socks that fit long legs, bright vibrant colors, and bold cultural prints. I desire to build the Subculture brand into a household name. One that caters directly to black women. I hope to build a community of black female artists, creators, and visionaries around the brand. SubCulture will one day be powered entirely by the hands of black women.